About the Author

Melissa Gassman

Melissa Gassman was born and lives in Texas with her husband, Sean. Together, they share six adult children and one grandchild, with the hope of many more to come. She began writing children’s books from a deep desire to have books to read to her own grandchildren that would be playful and warm, share her love for God, and be full of hope and truth for children (www.fullofhopeforchildren.com).

While at Texas A&M University, Melissa had her first experiences in working with children through a wonderful ministry that changed the trajectory of her goals and life purpose. She became a teacher and dance team director upon graduation, until her first daughter was born and was then able to stay home with her growing family. During those precious years at home, her joys and gifts were explored while participating in children’s ministry, coaching her daughters’ sports teams, and growing entrepreneurial skills.

Through life’s experiences, she is amazed at God’s unrelentless support and pursuit of her heart, unfailing faithfulness, and unconditional love. For her, there is no better message to share: ‘‘God is good and faithful, and His perfect character can sustain you in His abundant love forever.’’

About the Author, Melissa Gassman